I know I have enough, but…

My personal practice of minimalism has been cyclic. I KNOW that I am privileged enough to own and have access to everything I need and want, but I’m having a hard time with not wanting. WHEW! I can tell that this post is going to be a hard one to write. I want to tell you what I have learned and what I struggle with. However, it feels like I struggle a lot in spite of what I learned. I guess I can say that my practice is in progress.

Yes, I know that practicing something means that there is no end game. I know that progress means that you keep moving forward even when there are setbacks. I am clinging to the grace of knowing that my practice of minimalism does not have to be perfect or pretty or even fast.

Here’s what I currently practice:

  • Clearing my work space of notes, writing utensils, hand cream, and gemstones at the end of each day to clear the stress from my soul before I go home to greet my family.
  • Writing down thoughts in a notebook or my phone’s note pad as they come to mind so that I can clear up valuable mental property.
  • Auditing my desk drawer items to evaluate if I’ve REALLY used each item during the week. Note: if an item hasn’t been used, it either goes home to be stored or goes to a public space in my work building to the giveaway table.

These are the practices that I’m struggling with:

  • Washing the dishes at the end of each day – this practice is more so I can know how many cups/plates/sets of utensils/containers my family uses so that I can donate the excess kitchen items.
  • Being content with the clothes that are in my wardrobe and making purchases based on NEED instead of want (more about this in a future post).
  • Buying food based on need and nutrition instead of emotions and perceived starvation (also to be featured in a future post. Also, I will never starve; country girls can survive!).

There are practices that I want to implement in the future:

  • Downsizing to a tiny home for traveling.
  • Paring down my belongings to having one of everything I need instead of multiples.
  • Buying clothing when I can no longer mend or repair the items that I own.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy my minimalism journey and continue to create joyful habits and experiment with what really works for me and my family. I’m going to give my self the grace to keep making changes when something doesn’t work out. I’m going to find joy in simplicity.

Let me know in the comments below how you practice minimalism and how your progress is going!

Catch y’all later!

Love always,


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