Honoring my commitment to myself

All I had to do was write. I even scheduled blog posts like I’m ‘supposed’ to. Yet, I kept procrastinating about writing a Brooklyn Molasses post. Why? Why did I keep putting off my dream to write my real-time online memoir?

Well… it’s because I made the end-goal bigger than my current ability. I have dreams for Brooklyn Molasses and for how I want this blog to influence my life and family and other lives, but my dream started to scare me. I focused too much on the end product (aka destination) of my dreams instead of taking one step at a time (aka enjoying the journey) and got majorly weirded out.

I started to avoid my promise to myself to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and then I avoided my promise to myself to post at the beginning and ending of every month. I stopped honoring my word to the only person that I have to live my whole life with… me.

I don’t want to dishonor my word and not be trust-worthy anymore. I decided to tweak my posting schedule to something that seemed more manageable. Creating habits and sticking to them is my JAM, y’all! So… here I am… honoring my commitment to myself to post once a week. If I can find myself to be trustworthy in this area of my life, I can trust my word to me in the future. I have dreams to bring to fruition and I’m laying the foundation in this post.

Catch y’all later!

Love always,



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