Winter Reflections

I am grateful for this winter. I learned to slow down and spend time with my family as we created a tradition of treating each weekend like a vacation.

Friday evenings are the start of our break from monotony and to honor that, I created Friday Family Game and Baking Night. Taking time to celebrate the beginning of the weekend has become a cherished time, similar to Shabbat. For us it is a time to end our hectic work and school week and focus our minds and hearts on each other. My daughter enjoys picking out the game for everyone as I mix together our brownies. From December to March I perfected a new recipe: keto sea salted caramel chocolate chip almond butter brownies. Translated in to foodie English, it means “drool-worthy yummy deliciousness”.  🙂 We play the game as our brownies bake (a batch or two of brownies have been forgotten in the oven when a game got too involved). Once the brownies cool, we all sit around the kitchen table and talk, laugh, enjoy a treat, make memories, and get ready for bed.

Saturdays have seen an implementation of coffee dates at the kitchen table to conduct weekly budget meetings. Honestly, slow Saturday morning coffee time is the only time when we are relaxed, calm, and well-slept enough to work through our budget. Note: I highly suggest both setting up a weekly budget meeting with yourself, your spouse, or your partner AND setting these meetings at a time when you are most relaxed so that you can objectively work through your finances. After our finances are in order for the upcoming week, we head out into Brooklyn to do some exploring. There is ALWAYS something new to see and do in our boroughs; that’s one of the reasons that we moved here.

Sundays are our community days when we go serve at our church, C3 NYC at the Downtown Brooklyn location. We get to see our friends and so-close-they’re-almost-family members and welcome new people into our church family. It’s a day to give back to our city and neighborhoods. If church isn’t your thing, volunteer for a different cause that you want to support; giving back has been proven to be mentally, emotionally, and physically beneficial to your health and who doesn’t want to be healthy?

In closing, I have some notes to write to the Seasons…


You’ve been good to me. Thanks for giving me the time to learn how to bake fabulous brownies, play games with my family, continuously work on a budget, and press in to C3 NYC. Thanks for the memories!

See  you next December!



And coming to a climate near you…


Hi! We haven’t seen each other in a long time and I’ve changed since I’ve seen you last. I look forward to spending warm days outside, exploring the Grand Army Plaza and Union Square Farmers Markets, and watching my baby plants become adolescent plants.

See you soon!



P.S. I’m expecting to find double daffodils at the Farmers Market to bring home. Please refer to the image below to know which ones I want you to grow for me.



Let me know in the comments below how your winter went and/or what you are looking forward to this spring!


Catch y’all later!

Love always,


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