Stewardship for the Win(ning Year)

A few years ago, I decided to have a yearly theme to deepen my faith. 2018’s theme was ‘Freedom’; I mostly needed to be free from my need to control every aspect of my life… past, present, and future. Last year’s journey brought me to asking myself: I already am and have enough, how do I live the life of service I’ve dreamed of with what I currently have? I received the definitive one-word kind of answer that I love… Stewardship.

One definition of ‘stewardship’ is as follows:

“the conducting, supervising, or managing of something 

especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”, (Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary, 1999).

Care-ful… Responsible… MANAGEMENT?!?!?!?! All of these words triggered a mini-freak out in my soul. Up until recently, I let life live me instead of the other way around. I ran from responsibility like I was in a marathon, you get what I’m saying?

However, with all of the resources that have been sent my way, I am called to intentionally live for more than just myself. I decided to answer the call to be a steward for others and the earth at large. 1 Corinthians 10:26 (New Living Translation) says,

“For the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it.”

To me that means that I belong to God, the time that I have belongs to God, the money that I have is God’s, the food that I have is God’s, the land that I live on that is inhabited by all creatures great and small is God’s, and the access that I have to resources to help others is because of God and is a part of His plan. So how do I move forward with this knowledge? First, I commit this journey to God. Then, I partner with Him on living it out.

I have a few areas I have in mind where I can carefully and responsibly manage the resources that have been placed in my care:

  1.  Time – My greatest and most valuable resource- This goes towards deepening the relationships and communities that I’m committed to.
  2. Family – They have been given to me to love and raise and encourage and educate.
  3. Friendships – The people who pour light into me and and whom I pour light back into.
  4. Communities – The people united with me under mutual causes to pour light, goodness, liberty, and justice into the world.
  5. Voice – What words am I speaking over the world and what are they creating?
  6. Voting power – What love and compassion can I give to all women and men through the power of my ballot?
  7. Finances – Where have I been living from a place of lack and selfishness and how can I transmute those places into giving to others from Abundance?
  8. Shopping habits/ consumption – Does my spending reflect my values and beliefs?
  9. Travel – Am I travelling to get, to give back, or both?
  10. Body (overall health, fitness, fueling) – I have one lifetime in THIS temple, how will I honor her Creator with her upkeep?

I am excited to reflect on this journey of stewardship at the end of the year and I am equally as excited to share with you what I learn and how I’ve changed for the better.

What journeys are you guys walking out this year? Let me know in the comments.

Catch y’all later!

Love always,